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I grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 2009 I began my Bachelor of Architecture degree at Syracuse University. By my third year I developed an interest in the intersection of architecture, pop culture, interface design, graphics, game design, and memory. After the 2012 Olympic Games, I spent 4 months in London studying the effect of a massive global media event on a city and its people. I continued this research through my thesis, and after graduating from Syracuse in 2014, I moved to Kansas City, Missouri to work in professional sports stadium design. Since graduation I've helped design NFL, NBA, NHL, AHL, MLB, MLS, and international soccer venues. I also lectured on Ethics & Architecture, and the content of my thesis, at the University of Kansas. I now live in Los Angeles and continue to pursue my interests in relation to design, media, and cultural perception while working on collegiate and professional sports projects. In the summer of 2017 I participated in the Free School of Architecture, exploring the relationship between architectural education and practice. When I'm not working I enjoy preparing food and then instagramming it, traveling, photographing subjects that are sometimes not food, religiously following British television programs, and having in-depth discussions about superheroes.